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About Me.

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The Association of Media Animal Professionals (AMAP) formed in 2023 to unite and give a voice to top tier film industry animal professionals including trainers, specialist vets and welfare officers in the development and advancement of animal welfare legislation in government, to offer expertise from our collective industry experience to make changes for good in this very niche and under-represented area of the animal industry.




Working together with fellow film industry professionals to unite as experienced, qualified animal carers, trainers and veterinary specialists in the film industry with shared standards of ethics, conduct, animal husbandry and welfare.



Leading by our actions to set great examples of best welfare practice in accordance with the Welfare of Animals Act 2018 and actively contributing our expertise to aid the development and improvement of the accompanying Animal Activities License that governs the commercial use of animals in film under the Act, for the long-term benefit of our place in industry, and ultimately, bettering serving the welfare of animals in it.



Raising the bar in every aspect of what we do, from animal husbandry, welfare and training of our animals at rest, through prep, during transit, waiting on sets and performing in front of the camera- working with ethical and humane science-based methods, always. Excellence in our professionalism working with clients and production companies through great communication, action, services and support from pre to post production and beyond.

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