Did you know that in accordance with The Welfare of Animals Regulation 2018,  by law from April 2019 any animal used for any type of commercial activity (including performance, photoshoots, filming, events, parties and education) must be covered by an Animal Activieties Licence (AAL), animal transport certification and insurance. 

The Reptiles Etc team have many years’ experience working in film and photography studios both in front of and behind the camera and are equipped to provide skilled and professional service for all your shooting needs.

If you are a photographer or photography club…

We are available for editorial shoots as well as macro and fashion photography workshops, snakes, reptiles, amphibians and all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies can be hired to work with your own props, sets and models, fully supported, or with their own handlers, with a wide choice of costume themes.

We keep and breed many of our exotic animals all of which are tame, trained, licensed and used to people and working in studio settings.

The advantage of using this service is fully trained, tame and insured animals for your own comfort and safety, and all the joy of working with animals without the costs, administration and hassle of acquiring your own animals, or those from potentially less reputable sources. Furthermore, if you or your models are anxious about working with the animals themselves, then additional coaching sessions can be added on as a “bolt on” service for your confidence and peace of mind.

"I had a wonderful photoshoot with Grace and her team and experienced excellent communication in the planning of the shoot as well as during and after. The animals are in wonderful condition and In particular I was impressed to see her working closely with my assistant I had on the day who was frightened of snakes, but through Grace's relaxed and professional manner, he became far more relaxed being within such close proximity. Highly recommended!"

                                                                                                                                                         Tara Shaw, Extacy Photographic


"After the most amazing coaching from Grace, we all faced our fears and had the experience of getting to know Fajita [the spider] one to one. She is the most beautiful creature and even though I was scared just having her in my hands, knowing how delicate she is and that I had to look after her made me feel responsible and stronger. I can tick that off the list now!"

                                                                                      Tania Keitzman